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  Monday, January 05, 2015  2:00:34 PM
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Welcome to Beads-N-Style! 

Beads-N-Style offers a wide variety of therapeutic magnetic jewelry. Each item -- whether it be a magnetic necklace, anklet, bracelet, or earrings - will help you to find relief from pain caused by arthritis, fibromyalgia, carpal tunnel, and other painful conditions.

All Beads-N-Style magnetic jewelry is handcrafted with great care using only the highest quality of magnetic hematite beads. In addition, quality gemstones, sterling silver, glass and pewter beads are incorporated for their beauty and to bring a unique design to all our magnetic jewelry.

To learn more about how magnetic jewelry will benefit your lifestyle, visit the Beads-N-Style Be Happy, Be Healthy and Frequently Asked Questions pages.
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Magnetic Hematite is used around the globe.

Many countries such as Japan, Russia and China use magnets continually as a means of tackling soft-tissue damage.

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(Updated 2/9/2015)

New Magnetic Hematite Jewelry
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High Power Magnetic Hematite Jewelry Magnetic Hematite Bracelet w/ Crazy Lace Stones
Picasso Magnetic Hematite Jewelry Magnetic Hematite Bracelet w/ Sodalite Stones
Stone & Magnetic Hematite Jewelry Picasso Magnetic Hematite Bracelet - Purple & Green
Rainbow Magnetic Hematite Jewelry Magnetic Hematite High Power Bracelet - Lanterns & Rounds
Black Magnetic Hematite Jewelry Magnetic Hematite Bracelet w/Snowflake Obsidian Stones
PLEASE NOTE:  The United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) prohibits manufacturers of instruments from making health or therapeutic claims for effects relating to the physical or mental illness being currently treated by members of the medical profession and/or other licensed practitioners unless said instruments have been registered by the FDA.  Beads-N-Style owners do not diagnose or prescribe. Magnetic therapy products are not sold as medical devices or a substitute for traditional medical practices.  Magnetic products do not cure disease.  No guarantee of effectiveness of products is made.  Reported effects vary from person to person. Keep magnets away from computer disks, videotapes, credit cards or any other magnetic media.  Magnetic Jewelry should not be worn by persons with implantable pacemakers, defibrillators, infusion pumps or other electromechanical devices and should be kept at least 18" away from these devices.